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Silvio Camboni, Architect and journalist

author of comics books for several important global publishers.

His work began in 1988 with Walt Disney (Topolino, MM, XMickey, Minni, Paperino Mese, Paperfantasy, Topomistery, Monster Allergy). He worked together with the Danish publisher Egmont, who is the supplier of Disney comics to North European countries.

1998 – Based on the texts of Tito Faraci, he created new graphics for Bone, Jeff Smith’s character, published by Macchia Nera within the framework of a project on Italian arthouse stories.

Excursion into the realms of storytelling for the younger generation with the book “Storie Bestiali di Animali Anomali”, published by Condaghes.

1998: Established “Sardinian School”: the comic school of Cagliari where he still gives lessons in Comic book Drawing and Illustration. It was here where he started the still regularly published comic/sports paper La Gaggetta, which first came out as a supplement in L’Unione Sarda.

1999: Graphic illustrations for Baby Legs, of which the “Sergio Bonelli” printers published a story from edition number 50. 2000 – He worked with the television channel Sardegna 1, creating humorous vignettes for sports features.

2001 – He published two albums with Source Publishing: Le Vin Illustré en Bandes dessinées, based on texts by Mo/Cdm, and Le Foot Illustré en Bandes Dessinées, with texts also by Mo/Cdm.

The same year, he won the prize awarded by the magazine “Fumo di China”, in the category for humorous comic books, young authors. Illustrated the poetry books of Vittorio Sanna “Fili stesi sull’aqua grigia” Starting in 2002, he created several radio shows, “La Gaggetta Show”, “Semi d’anguria” and “E’ Diverso!” for Radiolina, with Bruno Olivieri and Serena Demontis. In 2003, “La Gaggetta Show” became a tv show, for Videolina, followed by the tv show “Sport Club sugli Spalti” in 2004/2005, and the tv show “E’ Diverso!” in 2006, still for Videolina.

2004: Piquiz was born; Company for visual Communication and produces La Gaggetta Ufficiale, a new supplement for L’Unione Sarda, on which a huge number of funny and satirical authors of international standard have worked.

2004 – He began the artwork again for the series “Gargouilles”, with script by Denis-Pierre Filippi, published by Les Humanoides Associés.

2005: Begins to work together with the Belgique publisher Dupuis, illustrating the comic series “Nefesis”, also drawn on the stories of Denis-Pierre Filippi, leading to a short story being published in the well known Spirou book.

2006: Wins the film compitition AviSa, awarded by the Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico, and so enables him to finance his first work as a director. The animated short film Dopo trent’anni prima, created together with Serena Demontis, Bruno Olivieri, Francesco Artibani and using the original music composed by Alberto Balia, had it`s premiere in 2008.

In 2009, with Serena Demontis, he created the TV show Bagaglio a mano for Videolina.

In 2011 He began the artwork again for the series “Willy Wonder” with script by Francesco Artibani and “Le Voyage Extraordinaire” trilogy, with script by Denis-Pierre Filippi, both published by Vents d’Ouest-Glènat.

In 2012-13 He realize the movie cartoons Mosca, W la neve! and Santa Notte, published by I cartoni dello Zecchino d’Oro and RAI Cinema.

In 2015 – He began the artwork again for the series “Les Mondes Cachés”, with script by Denis-Pierre Filippi, published by Les Humanoides Associés.