Santadi (Cagliari), September 4, 1967.
Camboni began his career in comic books in 1988 with Walt Disney.
In 2001, Camboni began his collaborations in France with two comic books published by Source/La Sirène, Le Vin Illustré en Bandes dessinées and Le Foot Illustré en Bandes Dessinées, with texts by Mo/CDM.
In 2004, Camboni began working with Les Humanoids Associés, for which he drew the Gargouilles series, on texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi (7 books).
In 2005, he began working with the Belgian publisher Dupuis, for which he drew the comic book series Nefesis, also on texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi.
In 2006, Camboni won the AviSa film competition, organized by the Higher Regional Institute of Ethnography of Sardinia, with the animated short Dopo trent’anni prima.
In 2010, Camboni started working with Vent D’Ouest/Glénat, for which he drew the comic book series Willy Wonder, with texts by Francesco Artibani.
From 2011 to 2014 he started drawing the series Le voyage extraordinaire, with texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi, published by Vent D’Ouest/Glénat (9 books).
Since 2012, he makes the short animated films Mosca, W la neve and Santa Notte for the Zecchino d’Oro series of the Antoniano Choir in Bologna and Rai Cinema.
In 2015, he launched a new series for Les Humanoids Associes called Les mondes cachés, with texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi (4 books).
In 2018, he drew a book for Glénat/Disney, called Mickey et l’ocean perdu, with texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi; in the same Glénat collection, in 2020, he drew a new Disney book called Mickey et la terre des anciens, with texts by Denis-Pierre Filippi.



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